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The Bonus System in Caveman Keno

Not all casino games offer bonuses to players, there are only few that provide extra opportunities to players to increase their winnings. There are some casino games that allow players to place side bets like Let It Ride, while there are some that have distinct bonus systems that enhance the stakes of players. One of the casino games that have attractive bonus systems is Caveman Keno.

Many players are attracted to the game because Caveman Keno is not stressful and players can totally relax and enjoy while they are playing the game. Aside from the idea that players can have fun in the game, they also have the chance to improve their money because the game has nine best paybacks to offer to players. Some of the paybacks allow players to improve their winnings to above 90 per cent.

The game also has a bonus system which seems to be very enticing to players. The bonus system enables players to multiply their winnings to some factors which are 1, 4 and 10. To those who are new to playing this game, the main feature of Caveman Keno is the presence of dinosaur eggs. After the players have selected two to 10 numbers from one to 80, the Caveman Keno machine will be drawing or generating three numbers from the numbers that a player has not selected. When all of the three numbers have been generated, then three dinosaur eggs will appear to mark the numbers.

The three numbers that were drawn by the machine will be the basis for the bonus that will be received by a player. At the end of the game, these numbers should have a match or matches with the twenty numbers drawn by the machine. If one of the dinosaur eggs has a match, then the winnings of the player will be multiplied to 1. If there are two matches, four will be used as the factor in multiplying the winnings of the player. Lastly, if three matches were formed, then the winnings of the player will be increased ten times.

Aside from the winnings that players get if the numbers that they have chosen have matches with the twenty numbers generated by the machine, the bonus system in Caveman Keno offer better opportunities to those who are in great financial need. To professional casino players, playing Caveman Keno is one of the games where they will have great assurance that they will enhance their money.