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The Basic Strategies in Caveman Keno

Even if Caveman Keno is criticized by many gamblers to have a great house edge, those who plan to try the game should not be scared because there are several methods to improve their chance. It is not advisable that players based their assumptions and perceptions on the game on its house edge. There are casino games that are popular like roulette that have big house edges. Players should always bear in mind that in every casino game, there are several betting strategies and wise decisions that they can make to be assured that they will win.

Like other games in gambling facilities that use video machines, there are techniques that would enhance players' chances in Caveman Keno. This section will discuss the basic techniques to be used when playing the game. The strategies are easy to follow and apply so novice players will have a good time learning and sharing them to other players.

The first strategy is for players to correctly choose how many numbers will they choose. In Caveman Keno, players are allowed to choose two to 10 numbers where they will bet. For beginners who just want to play safe and who want to play the game longer, then it will be better if they choose fewer numbers because they will have better chance to at least get a break even. On the other hand, to players who want more excitement and are risky, they can choose more numbers because if they win all the numbers, then they can get the highest possible winnings in the game.

The second strategy is to closely study the paybacks of the video machine where the game will be played. According to gambling experts, every video machine has a different payback. So it will be better to play in casinos that offer better payouts to Caveman Keno players.

The third technique will allow players to enjoy their experience in playing the game. All the numbers in Caveman Keno are randomly generated, so there is no possible way to decode or predict the numbers that will be drawn. Hence, to improve the experience of players and make them enjoy the game more, they are advised to pick the numbers that they believe are lucky to them like birthdays and anniversaries.

As mentioned, Caveman Keno is not that hard to play. By applying the techniques that are discussed, players will be more confident that they will end up fulfilled and happy after they play the game. To professional players, they should be resourceful because there are advanced techniques that they can use.