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Rules in Playing Caveman Keno

Many casino players do not want to play Caveman Keno because just like bingo, the game has a very high house edge. There are also some players who think that playing the game is very unusual since the mechanics of Caveman Keno appears to them as repetitious. However, there are still players who never stop playing the game, because they know that if players only know how to play the game appropriately, they have bigger chances of winning.

It is safe to assume that those who often criticize the game may not have enough knowledge about the rules or how it is played. Before criticizing it or telling negative things about Caveman Keno, every one is advised to spend more time in exploring and learning the mechanics of the game.

The rules in playing Caveman Keno are very easy to understand. There are five easy steps to follow to be able to play the game. First of all, players should select two to 10 numbers in the range of 1 to 80. Upon selecting these numbers, the game will start. The second step is that players should wait for the video machine to generate three numbers from the numbers that players have not chosen. The machine will mark the three numbers that are randomly generated using the dinosaur eggs graphics.

Third, players should carefully watch the next twenty numbers that will be generated by the machines. After the machine has selected twenty numbers that range from 1 to 80, players should look for the numbers they have chosen and match them with the numbers drawn with the machine. Fourth, if there are any matches in the numbers, then the player wins.

The game does not end there. The final step is to look for the numbers marked by the dinosaur eggs and compare them with the 20 numbers selected by the machine. If there is a match, the winnings of the players will be increased. For example, if of the eggs has a match then the winnings of the players will be multiplied to one. On the other hand, if two of the dinosaur eggs have matches, then the players' winnings will be multiplied to four and if all of the eggs have matches, the winnings will be multiplied to 10.

Caveman Keno is exciting and very easy to play. It is not stressful since players just have to pick numbers and wait for the numbers that will be drawn by video machines. Players should try this game because aside from expecting to enhance their money, they will also enjoy the game.