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Knowing the Best Paybacks in Caveman Keno

Caveman Keno is a video version of the popular lottery game keno. This game uses a video machine that may appear to be similar with slot machines at first glance. However, if casino players will only have a closer look at Caveman Keno machines they will see that the machines have graphics that portray the setting in the Paleolithic era or during the dinosaur age. The video machines are not just attractive to casino players but also to children. Each machine has a volcano where the numbers that are randomly generated comes out along with fire, stone and ash.

Aside from the attractive appearance of video machines used in Caveman Keno, the rules of the game are not that difficult to learn and understand. Even new casino visitors can instantly play it because they do not need to spend more time learning different terms and concepts used in the game. All they have to do is to choose numbers and wait for their numbers to be drawn and their paybacks will be given.

Players who will try Caveman Keno should not worry that they may lose all their stakes in the game because there are nine best paybacks that they can receive. The best paybacks which will be discussed in this article are the standard paybacks since the payouts vary from casinos to casinos.

According to experts, the first best payback is 95.112 per cent. The next best payback is 94.008 per cent. The third best payback is 94.022 per cent. The fourth is 92.070 per cent. The fifth payback is 91.438 per cent and the sixth best payback is 90.058 per cent.

The six best paybacks mentioned in the above paragraph are the paybacks that exceed 90 per cent. The following three best paybacks are below 90 per cent but they are still above 80 per cent. These are 89.885 per cent, 88.017 per cent and 88.004 per cent.

Once again, players are reminded that the payouts mentioned in this article are the standard paybacks. Hence, Caveman Keno players are reminded that it is the casino owners who decide about the paybacks that players can get from the video machines. Furthermore, players are discouraged from playing with the video machines that have lower paybacks because the casino owners will continue using the machines and will not replace them if they see that many players are still using the machines even if they have lower paybacks.