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Description of Caveman Keno Video Machines

Caveman Keno is not just an exciting game to play but it is also very attractive to every casino player. At first glance, people may think that Caveman Keno is a variation of slots because the video machines used in this game is somewhat similar with the machines used in slots. However, if players will have a closer glance at Caveman Keno video machines, they will see that they are totally different from slot machines.

In Caveman Keno, the game will start after players chose two to 10 numbers from the numbers that range from one to 80. This game is similar with bingo because the video machines used in Caveman Keno will generate 20 numbers from the 80 numbers. The payouts that will be received by players depend on the numbers chosen by players that match with the numbers that were randomly generated by the machines.

The video machines used in Caveman Keno are some of the elements of the game that make them attractive to players. Players can easily determine Caveman Keno video machines because each of them has a volcano where the numbers that are drawn will come from. Along with the numbers, the volcano will blow lava, stone, fire and ash.

The video machines also have graphics that are related with the Paleolithic era or the dinosaur age. The main attraction of the machines is the dinosaur eggs that mark the bonus numbers that they generate. Aside from the graphics, the video machines also make loud sound every time the volcano generates new numbers.

The loud sound created by video machines sometimes caused players to be distracted in the game. However, there are some players who get more excited because of the main features of the Caveman Keno video machines. It is still up to the players if they will be affected with the graphics and sound effects of the machines.

The paybacks of players depend on video machines. Casino owners tell the developers of Caveman Keno video machines what are the paybacks in each machine. In this manner, players are advised to observe the paybacks of each video machine in casinos. They should not use the video machines that have low paybacks because they will just tolerate gambling facilities that do not give fair chances to players.

The machines used in Caveman Keno are important to the success or failure of players. Hence, they should closely assess which of these machines will give them edge over other players.