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Comparison Between Caveman Keno and Super Keno

There are some casino players who are confused with keno and bingo because these are the two lottery games that can also be played in casinos. Both of these games use random generator machines to draw ball with numbers that will match with the numbers in the cards of players or numbers that they select. However, keno is more exciting to play since there are many keno variations wherein players can choose from.

Video keno is developed and launched due to the increasing demand of players for the game. Since video keno became popular to casino players, there are gaming companies who develop different video keno variations such as Caveman Keno and Super Keno. These are two of the many exciting and popular video keno variations that can be seen in most international casinos.

Caveman Keno is famous to gamblers because of the unique and attractive graphics that can be seen in video machines that are used in this game. The main feature of the game is the dinosaur eggs which are put to mark the numbers that will be the basis for the bonus that will be given to players. The numbers marked by the dinosaur eggs should have a match with the twenty numbers that will be drawn by the machine to get the bonus.

Like Caveman Keno, Super Keno also has a bonus system for lucky players. The last ball which will be drawn by the machine matches one of the numbers that were selected by the player. If this incident happens, the winnings of the player will be multiplied to four. Hence, Super Keno offers better paybacks to player as compared with Caveman Keno. This is one of the reasons why there are still players who want to gamble in this game than in any other video variations.

To those who are having a hard time choosing which of these two keno variations is best to play, better if they prefer playing Caveman Keno because it is very easy and less stressful to play. The rules in playing Super Keno are more complicated than those in Caveman Keno. Even new casino players can try their luck in Caveman Keno since they can easily learn the mechanics of the game. The rules of this game do not hinder beginners to explore the opportunities offered by Caveman Keno to them. Furthermore, there are also techniques that they can use to attain the best payback in the game.