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Comparison Between Caveman Keno and Cleopatra Keno

Caveman Keno is just one of the many video variations of keno that are commonly seen in casinos. There are other video keno versions that players can try and play. Some of these variations have bonus systems and better paybacks and some are more exciting than the others. All the players should do is to have knowledge about the different video versions and afterwards, they can choose which of the video keno games are more beneficial to them if they play it.

Aside from Caveman Keno, another enjoyable video variation to play is Cleopatra Keno. Caveman Keno is more prominent and famous in gambling facilities than Cleopatra Keno, but many casino players are also trying Cleopatra Keno because it also offers a unique bonus system where players have the chance to further increase the income of those who have placed bets.

The mechanics or rules in playing Cleopatra Keno are simply patterned after the ordinary video version of keno. However, there is an additional attraction to the game. If the last number that will be generated by the video machine will have a match on one of the numbers chosen by the player, aside from the winnings of the player from that match, the player will also have 12 games for free. In the span of 12 games, every match that will be made will enable players to receive the doubled amount of their bet. This special feature of the game made it more enticing that is why many people are still looking for establishments that offer Cleopatra Keno.

Meanwhile, Caveman Keno also provides an attractive bonus system to players. Three numbers from the numbers that were not chosen by the player will be drawn. If any or all of these numbers has a match or matches from the twenty numbers that will be generated by the machine, then the winnings that will be received by the players will be increased.

Both of these video keno variations have bonus systems that made many players try the game. However, Caveman Keno is more popular because its video machines have graphics that are more attractive. Unlike in Cleopatra Keno where the machines only have illustrations of a device like a tumbler wherein the numbers that were drawn will appear, Caveman Keno has graphics like a volcano, fire and stone. Aside from the graphics, Caveman Keno video machines have sound effects that made the game more realistic and fun to play.