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Advantages of Caveman Keno From Top Bottom Keno

For those people who want to know the best variation of video keno to play, it is better to spend time learning the important details of each keno variation. Knowing every element that made up each keno variation is significant to weigh their disadvantages and advantages over other versions. By expanding their knowledge on the different variants of video keno, players can assess which of these variations is the best to play and will give them more benefits and economic opportunities.

Caveman Keno and Top Bottom Keno are two variations of video keno that will be discussed and compared in this article. Both of them are provided in many casinos. One of these two versions offer better chance to players but it is more proper to explore their important elements and special features before deciding which of the two is more advantageous than the other.

To play Caveman Keno, players will choose two to 10 numbers from one to 80. After selecting the numbers, they will place a bet for each number that they have chosen. Then the video machine will generate 20 numbers randomly. The winnings of the player will depend on each number that is chosen by the player that has a match with one of the twenty numbers generated by the machine.

On the other hand, there are casino players who believe that Top Bottom Keno is easier to play than Caveman Keno. All the players should do when playing this variant is to choose between top and bottom numbers. The top numbers are consisted of numbers ranging from one to 40 and the bottom numbers are the numbers ranging from 41 to 80. If a person places a bet on top numbers and majority of the twenty numbers drawn by the machine are found on the top numbers, then that person wins. In case, 10 of the numbers drawn by the machine are classified in the top numbers and the remaining 10 are in the bottom numbers, the player loses.

Even if some players agree that the rules in playing Top Bottom Keno are less complicated than Caveman Keno, players should still prefer playing Caveman Keno than Top Bottom Keno because it has better payouts. Aside from offering better paybacks to players, Caveman Keno also has a bonus system that allows players to increase their wins. The bonus system in Caveman Keno enables players to improve their winnings to at most ten times. Hence, players who will try this keno variant will be assured that they have fair chances in the game.